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CS Military Bits

CS Officers Bit
Blacksmith made bit

Western Trooper's Bit
Clarksville Trooper's Bit

US Military Bits
    I make my US military bits by hand.  Each one is an exact copy in size, shape, and thickness as the originals; with the exception that they are made to fit a modern-day horse.  Our handcrafted bit is strong.  I will custom-make it to whichever port you want.  US rosettes are in place, and holes are drilled for curb chain.

1840 Dragoon Officer's Bit, Brass Sheathed with Snaffle Rings $175.00 Dragoon Bit, Four Ring, Double Reins Type, Burnished Stainless Steel Finish $130.00

1859 Military Bit - White metal

1863 Artillery Bit - Brass Sheathed, USA Rosettes, Installed Snaffle Rings

Stainless Steel 1859 Bit - dull burnished finish $110.00 Stainless Steel Curb Chain and 2 Hooks $10.00
Gun-Blued 1859 US Bit - Brass Curb Chain and 2 Hooks $125.00 Brass Curb Chain and 2 Hooks $18.50
1840-1865 Watering Bit - with Connecting Chain, Toggles, and Harness Leather Reins $70.00 Leather Curb Safe - with Chain and Hooks $17.50
Leather Safe - slip on type $7.00

1874 Stainless Steel Shoemaker Bit - burnished finish
$110.00  Leather Curb Strap for the 1874 Shoemaker Bit $25.00