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Leather Saddles

1840-1880 Drover Saddle

Available in early skeleton rig or fully rigged with jockeys and wool underbars. A-fork, straight back cantle. Large pommel horn.

Rawhide covered tree with real rawhide thonging. Edge tooling optional. Large tapered brass rings on down-rigging assembly. Double girthed. Tree made in USA.

Western saddles sizes 14 - 18. Available in black or several shades of russet. Military rings installed on front and back of saddle for equipment hook-up. Made to fit the back of a modern horse.

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1840 - 1859 Dragoon Equipment

1847 Grimsley Saddle

Authentic 1847, enlisted man's, double-skirted, deerhair padding in seat, brass over pommel and cantle. Newly made, authentic wooden, rawhide covered tree made to fit a modern-day horse. Hand-forged stirrup hangers, staples, and iron rings installed.

Our tree is a true 14 inches as per the original. All Grimsley saddles come complete with correct girth, coatstraps, valise straps, and authentic brass beveled-edge horseshoe buckles. This saddle was used by many officers during the Civil War on both sides ( shown by pictorial evidence ).

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1870 - 1885 Indian War McClellan Saddles

1872 (1859 with modifications) Saddle

Special orders #85, dated April 10, 1872: The 1859 McClellans were to be covered with black collar leather and the skirts to be removed. There were to be leather safes, 4 1/2 by 4 3/4 inches added under the girth strap "D" rings.

Our saddle comes with a newly made 1859 tree, new leather covering, all iron hardware, six coatstraps, 1872 model wool girth, 4 1/2 inch covered embossed stirrups. Comes in tree lengths of 11, 11 1/2, and 12 inches.

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Early English Dragoon Style Saddle

English Dragoon saddle design acceptable for use from French and Indian War up through the 1830's. This Dragoon style has been carefully followed from known examples of period construction, design and techniques. Raw hide covered tree, hand forged hardware. Hand quilted and stuffed under padding. Skirts are handsewn. This current design has been achieved with help from my friends at the Colonial Williamsburg Saddle Shop.