About Us

Border States Leatherworks Products are Made by Hand, One at a Time We are Proud to Show and Sell Our Collection

Douglas Kidd -- Border States Leatherworks

Douglas Kidd has 34-years of leather working experience. Twenty of those years exclusively on military reproduction equipment.

Border States Leatherworks has a large collection of more than 3000 pieces of original cavalry and infantry equipment dating from the Revolutionary War through World War II.

"We have used this equipment to take patterns from and to see the style and method of manufacture", says Kidd. "Only by 'hands on' experience can one truly reproduce a fine piece of work.

This cannot be done by simply looking at a picture, or by guessing how it should be done. 'Close enough for government work' doesn't cut it on the field."

Border States Leatherworks has visited many Amish harness shops in Pennsylvania and has learned a lot from them about hand work, where to use what grade, which type of leather to use, and how to finish a product correctly. "Where better to learn the trade than from the people who still use harness and tack 365 days a year", said Kidd.

"We make our products by hand, one at a time, and we are proud to show and sell them. The quality of our products speak for themselves. Needless to say, your satisfaction is guaranteed with each and every product we make."